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Vibrant Communities Event Scholarship

2019 Be A Light Scholarship Application

Tamarack hosts a number of single and multi-day learning events annually. These learning events are designed to provide participants with theoretical knowledge and practical tools that community change leaders can utilize in their work. The Tamarack Scholarship initiative is designed to support individuals and/or groups to participate in a Tamarack Learning Event. The Tamarack Scholarship can only be applied to the registration portion of the Learning Event. Any additional costs incurred to attend the Tamarack Learning Event, including travel, hotel, and incidental costs must be covered by the individual and/or their sponsoring organization.

Scholarship Criteria

To be eligible for the Tamarack Learning Scholarship, the following criteria will be considered and rated as part of the application process:

  • Financial Need
  • Learning Intention of the applicant
  • Early stage professional
  • Individuals living with low or limited income
  • Member of a current Tamarack community including Vibrant Communities – Cities Reducing Poverty or Deepening Community
  • Active alumni status – is a member of a learning community or has blogged or attended a previous Tamarack Event
  • All applicants may only receive up to one Tamarack Learning Scholarship in any calendar year

Scholarship Recipient Responsibilities

When a Tamarack member receives a Tamarack Learning Scholarship, they agree to the following duties and responsibilities:

  • Volunteer at the Tamarack Learning Event which may include assisting with set up and registration, being active on social media during the event, assisting with taking notes during group sessions or acting as a learning lab leader.
  • The volunteer assignment will be developed in advance of the learning event with each Scholarship recipient providing:
    • A minimum 4 hours for a single day event
    • A minimum 12 hours for a three day learning event
    • A minimum 20 hours for a five day learning event
  • Write up to two blog posts which will appear on one of the Tamarack learning sites including a pre-event blog and a post-event blog.
  • Agree to have their name, organization and picture published as a recipient of the Tamarack Learning Scholarship.

To apply, please fill out your information in the application form to the right.

Scholarship Application