The Learning Agenda

The Poverty Reduction Summit: Every City, Province and Territory Working Together is an unprecedented gathering that will bring together senior leaders from across the country and beyond to align their efforts and merge their passion for poverty reduction.

Learn Together:

  • About key poverty reduction strategies and those that are having the best results
  • Policy changes in cities, provinces and territories making a huge difference in reducing poverty
  • The role of business in poverty reduction and stories of great success
  • The key role the media is playing in cities across the country
  • High impact strategies for organizing for impact - Governance models for success
  • How the ideas of Collective Impact are permeating cities with amazing results
  • About evaluating and tracking outcomes
  • How provinces and cities are supporting each other toward common success

2015 Poverty Reduction Summit Shared Outcomes

bubblenewOur bold vision is to align 100 cities, all provinces and territories in a national strategy to reduce poverty for 1 million Canadians. We know this vision is possible if we work together. These are the shared outcomes for the 2015 Poverty Reduction Summit.

  • Strengthen communication between cities, provinces and territories, and between provinces, territories and cities
  • Increased alignment across and commitment to the poverty reduction strategies of provinces, territories and cities
  • Foster awareness of national-level poverty reduction activities from a variety of national partners
  • To create a vision for how working together as cities, provinces, territories and the Federal Government - over the next four years will reduce poverty for 1 million Canadians

Summit Learning Agenda


A Celebration

The Summit is also a time to celebrate the achievements of every province and territory and nearly 100 cities (communities) with poverty reduction strategies and the new hope this provides for all Canadians. A gala celebration featuring awards, global speakers, and a very special guest will take place at the summit the evening of May 6. Stay tuned for more exciting details!


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The Path from Now to the 2015 Poverty Reduction Summit

IMG_5087Leading up to the Summit, we invite members of your community to engage in dialogue about poverty and what makes a vibrant community through a video contest and interviews.

The video contest will focus on the question “What is a vibrant community?”. We will showcase these videos at the Summit and communities can use these videos post-summit to continue dialogue around creating vibrant communities for all.

Another way to engage the voices of those in your community is through answering a set of common questions - people with lived experience, people who work in poverty reduction, politicians, business people, volunteers, young people, seniors, anyone who would like to share their responses:

  • What does a vibrant community mean to you?
  • What is vibrant about your community, your province, your country?
  • How do we create vibrant communities for everyone?

For more information about how to participate in these activities, please visit Vibrant Communities.


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