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The Summit will highlight what's working in poverty reduction activities, celebrate strong community examples and provincial/territorial strategies, along with outlining what each holds in common so that we can clearly see the point of alignment that already exists.


  • About key poverty reduction strategies and those that are having the best results
  • Policy changes in cities and in provinces making a huge difference in reducing poverty
  • The role of business in poverty reduction and stories of great success
  • The key role the media is playing in cities across the country
  • High impact strategies for organizing for impact - Governance models for success
  • How the ideas of Collective Impact are permeating cities with amazing results
  • About evaluating and tracking outcomes
  • How provinces and cities are supporting each other toward common success

Poverty Reduction Summit
Join us for this National Gathering

join_us_bubbleThe Poverty Reduction Summit: Every City, Province and Territory Working Together is an unprecedented gathering that will bring together senior leaders from across the country and beyond to align their efforts and merge their passion for poverty reduction.

The Summit will strengthen communication and increase the alignment of our activities to achieve our common goal by amplifying the success of each community, province and territory's poverty reduction strategy.

The Summit will motivate collective action leading to poverty reduction for 1 million Canadians.

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This is a unique time in the history of Canada.
Across the country every provincial and territorial government has or is considering a poverty reduction strategy. In addition, for the first time in history, most cities (communities) are enacting poverty reduction strategies focused on reducing the number of Canadians experiencing poverty.

We know the economic and social costs of poverty on people and for the cities in which they live. This is a time of real hope as cities and provinces are joining together to support one another with the goal of significantly reducing poverty in Canada.

Join us May 6-8 in Ottawa as we leverage our collective efforts and build the movement to reduce poverty across Canada.


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Cities Attending:

City of Hamilton, ON

City of Caledon, City of Brampton, City of Mississauga, ON

City of Thunder Bay and District, ON

City of Abbotsford, BC

City of Saskatoon, SK
City of Calgary, AB

City of Edmonton, AB
City of Yellowknife, NT

City of Grande Prairie, AB

City of Montreal, QC

City of Medicine Hat, AB

Cities of Barrie, Orillia, Midland, and surrounding area, ON

City of Saint John, NB

City of London, ON

City of Windsor, County of Essex,ON

City of Red Deer and Central Alberta

County of Huron, ON

City of Victoria, BC

City of Winnipeg, MB
City of St. John's, NL

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Vibrant Communities Canada - Cities Reducing Poverty 

vclogoSince 2002, The Tamarack Institute for Community Engagement has led Vibrant Communities Canada which has been building a network of cities across the country focused on place-based poverty reduction. Over the past 12 years, leaders from business, government, the voluntary sector, and citizens alike have effectively reduced poverty for more than 202,931 Canadians. These local community efforts have been bolstered by the leadership of provincial and territorial governments as they adopt or renew their own poverty reduction strategies. 

Vibrant Communities Canada is the lead sponsor of this event and is working with its partners at the municipal, provincial, territorial, and federal levels and invite you to join us at Canada's first Poverty Reduction Summit coming to Ottawa, ON, May 6-8, 2015.



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