Patterns in Community and Social IMPACT

A 6 Part BOOKINAR hosted by Al Etmanski


Why do some social innovations take hold while others fail to spread as far and wide as they should?

This is the question that Al Etmanski set out to explore in depth. His journey led him to identify six patterns which were evident in each of the lasting, high impact, social innovations he studied. Al’s latest book, Impact: Six Patterns to Spread Your Social Innovation explores each of these six, mutually reinforcing, patterns which he believes are necessary to nurture the conditions that enable promising ideas for positive change to take root and flourish.

Join Al for the world's first six-part Bookinar learning series that invites you to explore each pattern in depth and consider how it might shape your own community change work.

Each of the 1-hour sessions in the series will include:

  • An interview hosted by Al, with the person who led him to the pattern and whose work exemplifies that pattern for him;

  • An exploration of the essential elements that Al has identified within each pattern;

  • An opportunity to reflect on and refine these patterns to strengthen your own change initiative;

  • A chance to talk with Al and other participants and to form a virtual learning circle with folks from a diversity of sectors who share your curiosity about strengthening their effectiveness at advancing positive change; and,

  • A chance to establish your own Book Club style learning team with colleagues, neighbours, friends and co-workers and translate your insights into action in your community.

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